Kyu C. Lee

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Kyu C. Lee

Kyu C. Lee is the ace in the hand of the KUDO dream team, the official KUDO Hollywood insider and Entertainment Advisor.
A former Sony Pictures veteran, Lee co-produced the 2016 blockbuster hit Operation Chromite, a film about the Battle of Incheon set during the Korean War. He brokered the US hit series Criminal Minds as a remake in Korea with several dozen films under his belt.

Lee was also at the forefront of globalizing K-Pop artist PSY’s hit song, Gangnam Style. He is responsible for activating PSY’s activities in the US, resulting in PSY’s worldwide success and becoming the #1 most-viewed video in YouTube history. In 2012 Lee also founded Kino33 Entertainment and is currently CEO of the company.

A childhood friend of Bryan Brown, KUDO’s Director of Business Strategy, the two played on the same little league team coached by KUDO Legend Fred Brown.

We are proud to have Kyu C. Lee as a KUDO partner.

Find out more about Kyu C. Lee on IMDb.


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