A powerhouse all her own, Chelsea is an Olympic Gold Medalist playing and winning her first gold medal in the 2020 Olympics hosted in Tokyo. In 2014, Chelsea was the eleventh pick in the WNBA Draft. Although she missed the 2014 WNBA season due to injury, she made her debut with the Sun in the 2015 WNBA season. Since then, Chelsea has had a dominating career on and off the court. Not only did she win gold at the Olympics but she is a two-time WNBA champion winning her first title in 2016 and a second in 2022.

Other players know her as one of the “clutchest players in the WNBA” but we like to regard her as the clutchest KUDO Legend on our team. Along with being a Legend, Chelsea currently plays for the Las Vegas Aces and Çukurova Basketbol team in Turkey.