Ryan and Brydon here, the founders of Kudo.

We are both former collegiate athletes and entrepreneurs. After finishing up our college careers, we didn’t want the “best days of our lives” to end so we looked for new ways to stay in shape. Exercise was easy but healthy snacking always seemed like a never-ending obstacle. There just didn’t seem to be any good options that were healthy, convenient, and great tasting.

After researching the snack food space we came up empty handed, nothing was new, exciting, or innovative. So, we set off to create something truly unique. We had an idea “What if we infused protein into everyone’s favorite snack – popcorn?”

After some trial and error, and sampling thousands of people we finally nailed it! Protein popcorn was born, and our journey to find the perfect guilt-free, healthy, and filling snack was over.

We can’t wait for you to try this amazing protein treat with the old school flavor of kettle popped popcorn you know and love.

Going Next Level is what Kudo is all about – Enjoy!

-Ryan and Brydon