Salvation Nutraceuticals Inc., a Wyoming Corporation, (hereinafter referred to as ”Kudo” or” Kudo Snacks”) is engaged in the business of formulating, manufacturing, marketing and selling nutritional products and supplements. Kudo Snacks desires to retain you as a Kudo Snacks Affiliate, subject to the terms and conditions set forth below.


We recognize the important role our Kudo Affiliates (“You”) play in the continued marketing and growth of Kudo Snacks (the “Company” or the “Brand”) and its products. We created this policy to protect both you and the Company and to ensure the continued viability of the Kudo Snacks Affiliate program in the face of constantly evolving laws and regulations surrounding social media marketing.

Consistent with this purpose, any promotion of the Brand or Kudo Snacks products (the “Products”) on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and any other social media platforms (“Post” or “Posts”) must be in accordance with the guidelines.


We ask that you look at our training module in the Kudo Snack Office before making any post on social media. The Snack Office is a tool to provide you with the assets Kudo has approved to share on social media. We encourage utilizing the materials provided by Kudo Snacks to ensure the post is compliant and within brand guidelines.


All social media posts (including any social media post referencing the Brand or Product and/or which could plausibly be interpreted by a third party as promoting the Brand or Product) must clearly disclose that the Post is an advertisement, in compliance with FTC guidelines. Such disclosure must be prominent and visible as the Post would appear on a user’s timeline, home page, for you page, etc. without having to expand the caption.

  • Examples of compliant disclosures are #KudoSnacksAffiliate at the beginning of a caption; or “KudoSnacksAffiliate” at the end of a caption, if visible without having to expand the caption; a visible and prominent watermark stating “Kudo Snacks Affiliate” on the picture or video posted.
  • Examples of insufficient disclosures are: #KudoSnackAmbassador next to other hashtags; or #KudoSnacksAffiliate at the end of a very long post; an illegible or barely visible watermark in the corner of a post.
  • General disclosures regarding your affiliation with the Company in your social media profile biography, or anywhere other than the Post, is not sufficient.


Posts may not contain any statements regarding the Kudo Snacks Products and how they affect bodily functions. Examples of such bodily function claims include: “Kudo Snacks Protein Popcorn will help you lose weight;” or Kudo Snacks Immunity Gummies will support your immune system.”
Posts may not contain any statements regarding Kudo Snacks and the ability to treat or cure any disease.


All content in any format must be your original work, assets used from our Snack Office or Official Kudo Social Media. Posts may not infringe on the trademarks, copyrights, publicity rights, or any other legal rights of the Company or third parties.


Be aware that you are representing Kudo Snacks in your posts. It is important to the company that your posts align with the Company’s values and do not cast Kudo Snacks in a negative light. Kudo Snacks reserves all rights to require you to delete or alter any post it deems to be contrary to our company policy or values.


Strict compliance with the above restrictions and guidelines is required. The Company reserves the right to monitor social media posts purporting to advertise the Brand and Products and to terminate affiliates and their affiliation with Kudo Snacks with or without notice, and at the sole discretion of Kudo Snacks.