How are popcorns made?

Are you a snack lover? Then you must agree that nothing can beat the deliciously seasoned popcorn on a movie night or any other night. But how are popcorns made? This article will explore how to make popcorn in various styles.

It all starts with a variety of maize known as popping corn. This maize differs from other forms of maize in that it has a hard hull or outer shell, that contains a little moisture. When heated, the moisture inside the hull converts to steam, causing the hull to burst open. The starch inside the hull then converts into foam, and as the hull continues to expand, the foam cools, and the shell ultimately falls off, leaving behind a light and fluffy popcorn kernel. There are several ways in which popcorn is made, ranging from microwave ovens to stove-cooked popcorn.

How are Popcorns made in the Microwave Oven?

You will need popcorn kernels, a microwave-safe container, oil, butter, and salt to make microwave popcorn. To begin, place a quarter cup of popcorn kernels in a microwave-safe container. Then stir in a spoonful of oil or a tablespoon of butter. Cover the container with a vented lid or a paper plate pierced with holes. Put the bowl in the oven for three minutes or until the popping stops. Remove the container from the microwave once the popping has slowed, and pour the popcorn into a bowl. To taste, add a pinch of salt or other seasonings. Enjoy your freshly popped popcorn! For more detail Visit: KUDO Snacks

How are Popcorns made on the Stove?

You will need a big pan with a tight-fitting lid, oil, popcorn kernels, and your favourite seasonings to make stove-cooked popcorn. To begin, heat the oil in a pot over medium-high heat. Add enough popcorn kernels to fill the bottom of the pot in a single layer once the oil is heated. Cover the pan and wait for the kernels to start popping. Shake the saucepan gently every few seconds to keep the kernels from burning and to help them pop evenly. Take off the pan from the stove when the popping slows, and pour the popcorn into a bowl. You can flavor it with butter, salt, or any other seasoning you prefer.

How Popcorns are made in a Popcorn Popper?

A popper is a machine designed specifically to pop kernels. To use a popcorn popper, first, fill the popper's chamber with the required amount of popcorn kernels. Then, seal the cover and activate the popper. The kernels will ultimately pop, and the popcorn will expand as they heat up. Switch off the popper and pour out the popcorn when the popping has slowed. Finally, season the popcorn with salt or other desired toppings and serve. Popcorn poppers are a quick and easy way to produce a snack or a fun treat. 


Popcorn is surely one of the most common snacks in the world, and it is easy to make at home. It is made by simmering dried kernels until they pop open into fluffy white pieces. The microwave or stovetop popper is most often used for making popcorn. The kernels are inserted into the machine, and a heat source is used to warm the air inside, causing the kernels to pop and fluff. Ultimately, how you make popcorn is determined by your preferences and convenience.


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