How Popcorn is Popped?

Popcorn is a classic that everyone enjoys, but have you ever wondered how popcorn is popped from kernels? This article post will look at the facts underlying popcorn popping and the various techniques for making this delectable treat.

We will look at the insides of a kernel of corn and how heat, pressure, and moisture interact to create that fluffy, crispy snack we all know and love. You will also learn about the diverse ways in which popcorn is popped, such as stovetop popping, microwave popping, and air-popping.

How Popcorn is Popped in an Air-popper?

An air popper is a classic way of popping popcorn. Hot air is used to cook the kernels of corn in an air popper. The hot air causes the inside of the corn kernel to expand, causing it to pop open. After that, the popped kernels are gathered in a basin or container. Air poppers are simple to operate and may be obtained in various stores. Pour the kernels into the chamber of an air popper, set it on, and wait for the popping to stop. Typically, the process only takes about two to three minutes. Read more: how are popcorns made

How Popcorn is Popped in a Microwave?

Popcorn can be made in the microwave in a matter of minutes. To do so, take your favorite ready-to-make microwave popcorn or put one-fourth to one-half cup of popcorn kernels in a simple brown paper bag and fold the top securely twice. Next, microwave the bag on high for two to three minutes or until there are two to three seconds between each popping sound. Make sure not to overcook the popcorn, as it can burn easily. When the popping has stopped, carefully open the bag and extract the popcorn. Enjoy with butter, salt, or any other toppings of your choice!

How Popcorn is Popped in a Stove popcorn popper?

Popcorn kernels are placed in a pan or a stovetop popper with a tight-fitting lid. After that, the popper is heated on the stovetop. As the kernels heat up, they swell and explode, resulting in a fluffy, white snack. Then the burst kernels are removed from the kettle and served with butter, salt, sugar, or other seasonings. Popcorn can also be flavored with various seasonings and oils and eaten alongside chips, nuts, or pretzels. For more detail Visit: KUDO Snacks


Popcorn can be popped in the microwave, an air popper, or a stovetop popper using a specific corn that has been grown for popping kernels into popcorn. The popcorn bursts as it heats up and can be served with whichever seasonings you like. Popcorn is a great snack for every occasion, regardless of how it is popped.