How To Keep Popcorn From Being Tough?

Everyone loves to eat a big bucket of buttery and creamy popcorn and if they are soft and tender, man you don't want to miss it in any case. Because you feel incomplete without these delicious snacks. But sometimes when we eat them they feel rubbery and chewy so we have to chew them harder and it can cause pain in our teeth. Well we have different causes of it and different solutions for it too. So let's take a look at the causes of how to keep popcorn being tough:

Causes Of Hard and Tough Popcorn:

  • Too much use of Oil: If you use too much oil this can be a cause that your popcorn is being tough after they've served.
  •  Not giving Proper heat: If you don't give popcorn enough heat properly and serve it right away then it can become chewy rubbery and it’s an important cause that your popcorn is hard and chewy.
  •  Popcorn being out for too long in air: Don't serve popcorn 1-2 hours before eating because staying it in air for too long can cause your popcorn to be tough.
  • Not choosing the right kernels: If you use old kernels they can taste bad due to which your popcorn may become hard and stale. 
  •  Using home cooking salt: when you go to a mall you see there ‘popcorn salt’, yes! They have another salt for it and using home salt can also make your popcorn tough but if you grind the home cooking salt then you can use it on popcorn. 
  •  Your microwave timer betrays you: Yes sometimes you just set a timer and do something else which can cause the popcorn to be hard and their taste also become bad. 
  •  Choosing the wrong Oil: If you use some old oil or home cooking oil it can be one of the causes that your popcorn is not very soft. You can use canola, corn or sunflower etc.
  •  You add too many toppings on them: You don't waste them to be a little cold and add different toppings in them while they're in a hot pan which can make them hard and tough.
  • Not shaking the pot well: While every popcorn needs to be shaken well enough if they don't get proper shake while cooking it can also be a reason or cause that they are tough after making.
  • You try to make every kernel pop: It's difficult to pop every popcorn because there are popcorn in the pan in huge quantities and if you try to make every kernel pop, it will only result in your popcorn being tough and rubbery.

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    How to keep popcorn from being tough?

  • Prepare popcorn in Water instead of oil: Yes it might sound crazy but you can cook popcorn with water with a bit of oil in it. Don't add too much water, keep it balanced and it can be a good snack for you. Otherwise you would end up thinking about how to keep your popcorn from being tough.
  •  Let them cool down completely: Make sure that your popcorn is completely cooled down before you serve and eat them. This will save your extra fuss about how to keep popcorn from being tough
  •  Keep the popcorn in an airtight bag: Remember to keep the popcorn in a small airtight bag after they have been completely cooled down and make sure that the bag is not too big because this might make you wonder how to keep your popcorn from being tough.
  • Don't add toppings just after you make it: Add the toppings after your popcorn has been completely cooled down so that if you add any toppings in it, they won't be hard and mixed up together.
  •  Reheat popcorn for 5 min if you store them: If you have popcorn stored for an over time snack then remember to reheat them for at least 5 min so they can be tasty and soft.  
  • Shake the pan well for 2-3 min: The best way to save your popcorn from being tough is shake the pan well and good for 2-3 min while you are making them. So they get proper heat and their taste can be delicious and how you can keep popcorn from being tough.