How to Make Crispy Popcorn in a Popcorn Maker?

Nothing beats the aroma of freshly-popped kernels coming straight from the kitchen, compelling you to learn the techniques of how to make crispy popcorn in a popcorn maker. Many of you might mess up the popcorn while making them in a pot or pan but using a suitable appliance to prepare this yummy crunchy snack is fun for adults and children alike.

Stove versus Popcorn Maker

Both stove and popcorn popper are suitable to pop the kernels but frankly speaking, it is about the cooking tips and tricks implemented to make the tastiest popcorn. Both appliances can make these healthy snacks in large quantities. It is the source of energy, that is fire and electricity, that might create slight differences between the appearance of two resultants.

While cooking on the stove, you always need to be careful about the moisture and shake the container for even heat distribution. Popcorn making tools balance the accumulation of steam in its container and there’s no need to shake the maker for heat distribution.

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How to Make Crispy Popcorn in a Popcorn Maker?

Making popcorn yourself in a hot air popper is relatively effortless and fun to engage your children in household or kitchen activities. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make crispy popcorn in an air-hot popper at home:

Required Equipment: popcorn maker, a large glass bowl, knife, measuring spoons, measuring cups

Ingredients: ¼ cup butter, a pack of popcorn kernels, salt (seasoning)


  • Plug in the maker. Please make sure not to switch on at this step.
  • Now place a clean and dry large glass bowl under the spout of the maker.
  • Measure half cup to three-quarters of popcorn kernels and add them to the top space of the popping machine.
  • Now place the covering cup or small lid in the space present on the top of the popcorn popper. Please note that the maker is still powered off at this step.
  • Add butter to a measuring cup and use a microwave to melt it completely. Most of the electric poppers or makers may also come equipped with an additional cup where you can melt the butter that can be poured on the popcorn afterward.
  • Now switch on the popcorn maker so the kernels start popping up. Avoid touching the insides of the popping machine.
  • Observe when the popping sound stops. That’s the point when you’ll be sure that the popcorn is done.
  • Switch off the maker and tilt it so the popcorn starts pouring into the bowl placed near the spout.
  • Now add melted butter and salt as you desire.

This is the most pleasing and easiest recipe on how to make crispy popcorn in a popcorn maker. The product received is airy and fluffy popped kernels with salty butter seasoning that will delightfully blend with your taste buds!