Is Skinny Pop Microwave Popcorn Healthy?

If you’re planning to go vegan or start clean eating, popcorn is one of the excellent and popular choices to snack on, particularly for individuals aiming to lose bad body fats, but are all kinds of popcorn healthy? Is Skinny Pop microwave popcorn healthy?

Daily routine and lifestyles are always on-the-go which spares a little less time to look after yourself. In such times, we often snack on packaged foods readily available to relish the grumbling tummies. Reading the labels which often use attractive words such as skinny, vegan, sugar-free, or vegan, do you blindly trust these tactics of advertisements with no second thoughts?

The Reality of Processed Foods

The truth is, there’s not a single processed food labeled as healthy or unhealthy. Some of you might disagree with this statement but let me explain first!

The maintenance of a healthy mind and body is a slow yet consistent process. You can’t gain all the muscles by hitting the gym for a day. Similarly, you can’t waste all your muscles by eating a bag of French fries once a day.

The key to maintaining your health is balanced portion control, where you opt for most of the healthy, whole, and organic foods and snack a little on processed foods, as the presence of such foods in the surroundings can’t simply be neglected, and most importantly, your food cravings need to be satisfied mindfully.

Is Skinny Pop Microwave Popcorn Healthy?

Skinny Pop microwave popcorn is moderately healthy since it is a processed food and processed foods, as the name indicates, can never be 100% healthy due to the presence of plant-based oils, saturated fats, sugars, additives, and preservatives.

Vegan lovers might disagree at this point but it is a fact that only cold-pressed plant-based oils are considered relatively healthy such as extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil. However, the plant-based oils that you get to consume are prepared with high industrial processing.

Keeping in view the abrupt increase in the global population, food industries are paramount for the production of foods on a massive scale to ensure appropriate food access and security to everyone, which eventually and hopefully will lead to a decline in global hunger.

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Still, the question arises, “Is Skinny Pop microwave popcorn healthy?”

Compared to natural cooking techniques, processed Skinny Pop microwave popcorn contain a relatively higher amount of plant-based oil such as sunflower oil. However, they’re equally low in sodium and calories, sustaining almost equal amounts of whole-grain as fiber.

Technically, air-popped popcorns are a healthy snack as the glycemic index is relatively low as compared to other packaged snacks, providing you with steady blood sugar spikes that keep you full for longer times.

Calories in Skinny Pop Microwave Popcorn

More than half of the energy, that is, calories, comes from the presence of highly-refined plant-based oil. In addition, the presence of certain additives and preservatives may also compromise its compatibility to compete with natural, or homemade popcorn.


Sane healthcare professionals will never debate on “Is Skinny Pop Microwave Popcorn Healthy?” because they are never against processed foods as they believe in the concept of ‘portion control’ so you can fuel your mind and soul with the foods you like. Snacking on prepackaged foods once in a while does not harm, and the phrase 'once in a while' is meant to limit the consumption of convenience foods up to once or a maximum of twice in two weeks.