Can You Eat Expired Popcorn?

In some cases, it can be possible to eat popcorn after the expiration date if you store them correctly but try to use kernels within 6 months or a year because after, a long time, they lose their ability.

You can consume your popcorn kernels if they are in good shape and reached their expiration date. Consuming popcorn that absorbs moisture and does not pop efficiently is unsafe. Can you eat expired popcorn does not mean it is destructive and harmful to health. You can eat it within 2 weeks after expiration it is not harmful.

Symptoms OF Popcorn are Expired

When you purchase microwaveable popcorn the expiry date is always mentioned in the box but if you buy open kernels from any store there are some signs like expired popcorn is always darker than normal when kernels hardly popped and most grains are left and it is not good in taste its smell is unpleasant and lose their natural moisture. It is better to avoid eating expired corn.

Shelf Life of Popcorn

The shelf life of open-package popcorn is mostly one or two weeks. The appearance of popcorn depends on specific factors of the product you purchase. Sometimes you buy an old kernel of popcorn that will not pop correctly and spoil the real taste of popcorn.  Once you open the package of popcorn they lose their shelf life within two weeks.

Risks of Eating Expired Popcorn

Most food has an expiry date if you eat after the expiration date it is not suitable for your health. It may cause food poisoning, bacterial infection, other stomach issues, nausea, and vomiting.

Expiry popcorn usually causes illness and destroys the digestive system. It may cause abdominal pain. Can you eat expired popcorn it is dangerous for your health so avoid eating expired food. It is unsuitable for human consumption. Expired popcorn can make you sick.

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How Can Save Old Popcorn

The type of popcorn does not matter what you store because the storage method of popcorn is the same; 

  1. Give the right temperature to your snacks. Additionally, all kernels heated in the microwave should not be chilled or frozen. you can put the packet of popcorn in the refrigerator.
  2. To avoid becoming soggy, dried and popped kernels should not be exposed to moisture or air. Stock the food in a kitchen cupboard to maintain its crunch.

Can you eat year old Expired Popcorn

Popcorn that is older than two years old should not be consumed because it may be harmful and have some negative effects on your health. It may cause stomach problems.


Consume your popcorn before the expiration date to be safe. Fresh popcorn from the microwave or popcorn maker is more delicious. Can you eat expired Popcorn that has gone bad is chewy and unpleasant Because microwave popcorn is pre-seasoned and mixed with oil, it goes down more quickly.

For perfect maintenance, keep your popcorn in a cool, dry place. Additionally, wait to open it until you are ready to eat. Consume the popcorn within two days and close any unsealed packages.