How Long To Air Fry Popcorn Chicken?

It typically contains 10 to 12 minutes to fry. It all depends on the capacity of your fryer. You need to ensure that they are not too tight in one layer. 

Air fryer chicken is quicker than cooking in the microwave. If necessary, cook in many batches. 

In an air fryer, avoid using spray oils. How long to air fry popcorn chicken it takes 5 minutes at 400 degrees.

It is a very easy snack to make. If you want the chicken popcorn to be extra crispy you can fry it for a bit longer. Cooking time depends on the brand of popcorn. Fryer is the best way to reheat chicken popcorn it is very effective.

Popcorn Chicken Ingridients

  • Flour: Put the flour and salt in a bowl
  • Egg: Beat the egg with a spoon of water in a bowl
  • Chicken: Cut the pieces in a bowl and season with salt and pepper.
  • Put the crumbs in a bowl


  1. You take the popcorn chicken out of the package and fill the air fryer basket with frozen chicken in a single layer.
  2. The chicken is brown-fried for 10–12 minutes at 400°F/200°C.
  3. Use only olive oil that can be easily placed into a spray bottle.
  4. Make sure that pieces of chicken are cut in the same shape and size.

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Benefits Of Air Fryer

  1. May maintain nutrients
  2. Help for weight management
  3. Lower fat method of cooking
  4. Maintain their crisp 

Popcorn chicken is one of the favorite snacks all over the world. It is preferable to snacks for lunch. It is also used to serve the guest with some drinks. All-age kids also love these fantastic snacks.

Additionally, an air fry is healthier than a deep fryer food. It also reduces calories and is less harmful than deep fryer snacks. Chicken popcorn is best served with different flavor sauces.


You can store leftover chicken popcorn in a sealed packet in the fridge. It is good for 3 to 5 days.

Its storage depends on the brand because when you buy from a high-quality band their crunch and crisp maintenance after storage. How long to air fry popcorn chicken depends on its freshness. You can store leftover fry popcorn chicken in a cold place when you stored it in the freezer they lose their ability and crisp.

Best Brand

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Both young and older love to fry popcorn chicken. They make a fantastic snack to provide alongside hot and cold drinks. The information on air frying chicken popcorn has been exciting and a guide for attempting it at home. How long to air fry popcorn chicken it takes only 12 to 15 minutes to fry. It is very suitable for health.  we wait for the next batch of exciting techniques, and this post will provide you with information on the same.