White VS Yellow Popcorn

Firstly, let’s understand the difference between the white vs yellow popcorn.

When we go to watch movies or have some other plans we usually get a big bucket of creamy and tasty popcorn with us so that we can enjoy our plans because without it we feel incomplete and we feel like we are missing something important so having a snack with us helps us to enjoy our plans fully and wholly.

Let us understand the difference between White popcorn vs Yellow popcorn together:

Curious to know the difference?

Well the main difference if you want to know between White vs Yellow popcorn is that the kernels you find small in size once ready are white popcorn and the kernels that are yellow in color with a larger size are yellow popcorn, obviously you know it completely when you see it being dipped in butter or cheese toppings.

White Popcorn:

  • White popcorn is also known as Rice popcorn
  •  it is smaller in size and its kernel is also small.
  •  It is soft and tender and many people enjoy eating it by pouring salt and butter in it.
  •  It can be prepared quickly due to which people love to eat it
  •  It is less time consuming and easy to make.
  •  Its color according to its name is white 
  •  It can be a great snack without you needing to add different artificial ingredients in it. 
  • They are healthy for eating as they don’t need any artificial ingredients in them.
  • Due to carbohydrates and proteins in it they are best for weight loss too.

Yellow Popcorn:

  • Yellow popcorn is yellowish in color and slightly heavier than white popcorn.
  • Yellow popcorn is shaped like pearls.
  •  It comes from medium kernels and they are big in size once made.
  •  These types of popcorn are available in every movie theater 
  •  It is topped with butter, cheese and peanut butter which makes it blastingly delicious and craving it for more.
  • Due to the heavy toppings of different things such as butter, cheese etc. they are not a very healthy snack. 
  • It can be a source of weight gain. 
  • remember to eat less of those as once you start eating such a delicious snack you cannot stop yourself from eating more and more.
  •  Plus they are crunchy in taste and also a source of vitamin A.
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    Does Shape of Kernels matter?

    So when you want to eat popcorn obviously you will not waste your time thinking about its shape because you don’t have such a free time to just waste it on its shape. 

    So what you can do is you can eat white popcorn if you are in search of a healthy snack without making you fat and also helping you to end your cravings.

    And on the other hand if you want something fluffy, big and large to help you while you want to enjoy your movie and don’t give too much about your fitness then we suggest taking a large bucket of yellow popcorn with peanut butter’s topping on it so it will give you a complete creamy and crunchy taste of adventures and deliciousness.

    There are also these 5 differences between White popcorn vs Yellow popcorn:

    • Colors: There is a huge difference between the colors of White popcorn and Yellow popcorn.
    • Size: Their size is also different from each other as white popcorn is smaller in size whereas yellow popcorn is larger in size.
    • Flavors: There is a big difference between the taste of white vs yellow popcorn because white popcorn is a simple and easy timeless snack while yellow popcorn is fluffy and creamy snack with lots of different toppings on it.
    • Hulls: When popcorn is made you see the hulls of popcorn then and white popcorn has thin hulls and on the other hand, yellow popcorn has thick hulls.
    • Shapes: There are 2 shapes of popcorn and when it comes to white and yellow popcorn, they can be both as mushrooms or butterfly. These are the 2 types of shapes popcorn have and there is no difference in shape between White popcorn vs Yellow Popcorn.