Can I Eat Popcorn With Braces?

When it comes to snacks, you decide to take something fresh, soft, light and crunchy. Yes you guessed it right, Popcorn. When you go to watch a movie, the first thing you do is buy a large bucket of creamy, delicious and butter filled popcorn. You cannot stop yourself from eating a handful of popcorn and enjoy it easily.

But the question arises in one’s mind: “can I eat popcorn with braces?” Well if you want a straightforward answer then it is a big No and a combination of Yes also. How? There are different reasons for it and we will be discussing them now to help you understand the disadvantages. If you are wondering, can I eat popcorn with braces?

Disadvantages of Eating Popcorn with Braces:

  • You can not eat the hull of a corn as they have sharp edges and if you wear braces, It will cause pain and other bad things to your teeth.
  • It can cause harm to your teeth causing sensitivity.
  • It can cause pain in your gums and make them swell.
  • It can be trapped between your teeth and your braces and it can be really painful and difficult to remove them once they are stuck between your teeth.
  • It can even break your braces due to chewing hard things like a hull of popcorn.
  • When it causes your braces to be broken you might run away to your orthodontists in an emergency.
  • Crunchy and caramel coated popcorn are also worse for a person who wears braces as their caramel gets stuck inside the braces.

We discussed some of the disadvantages of eating popcorn with braces but still you have a question in your mind and you are wondering “can I eat popcorn with braces?” Well you do not have to leave your favorite popcorn forever but yes you have to take some precautions to save the big issues later on.

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Is there any type of popcorn that I can eat with braces?

Well in case you want a satisfying answer for your craving, can I eat popcorn with braces? So for you we have news that there is a type of popcorn named “Hull-less popcorn”, you can eat it because the hulls in these popcorn are smaller and their kernels are also small. You can eat it as they are soft and small but there is no scientific clarification and satisfied answer from dentists on it as they do not approve it for the safety of your braces.

But if you still want to know, can I eat popcorn with braces? Then you should visit your dentist or orthodontists so you can get a clear prescription from them too. 

Safety measures while eating Popcorn with Braces:

There are some measures that can help you so that you don’t have to put on a sad face and can easily answer your question: can I eat popcorn with braces? The main things you have to think about while eating popcorn with braces are:

Popcorn soft in eating: Choose those popcorn that are softer in eating and have small kernels so they won't get stuck between your teeth and braces causing pain and any other serious issues.

Don’t eat popcorn with kernels: Remember to eat popcorn with no kernels in them because they are hard and you have to chew hard on them so keep it in mind to shake the popcorn bag or bowl so that you can loose kernels and keep yourself from any dangerous and serious issue.

Properly chew your popcorn: If you wear braces and want to eat popcorn then keep it in your mind that you must properly chew your popcorn without any hassle so you don’t end up in any emergency treatments with your dentists.

Make your personal hygiene priority: When you eat something make sure to rinse your mouth with water or a mouth floss so any bacteria with remaining food particles that are stuck between your teeth can be removed and save you from any big trouble.